Challenge 40 (10.09.2016)
Kategori: Multisport
Kart/område: Fetsund
Land: Norway
Disiplin: 4h Multisport
Distanse: 65.85 km
Tid: 237:06
Together with Erik Baardsgaard. Tricky tactics this time. We decided to swim (13) and then get south to collect points there. This strategy worked out well. We had a good flow all the way and felt strong. The controls in the city went fast, we finished there after appr. 3h; Controls 7 - 10 took a bit longer than expected, but we managed climbing (12) and to get back in time after 3h 57' - good timing.
Finally we won with 342 points - by27 points to Sweco Adventure.
It was really fun!
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Challenge 40 (10.09.2016) Challenge 40 (10.09.2016)