Oslo City Cup #2 (14.04.2015)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Akershus Festning
Arrangør: Lillomarka
Land: Norway
Disiplin: Sprint
Distanse: 3.6 km
Tid: 14:55
Nice and challanging sprint (the D17- course was even more interesting around the fortess). Felt physically ok, had a few seconds time loss: could have jumped the low fence to 9th control (maybe 9") and I almost missed the left turn to control 18 (4"). Otherwise, I simple have to run faster :-)
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Bjørn Sverre Gulheim : Nice run Felix :) My i challenge you with some route choices?
What do you think about?
To P3 - south route, less claim and better running and time to read the map up front?
To P4 - run almost threw P6, would that save seconds, left route choice?
To P6 - its difficult to know but compared to a friend i am not sure if left is best, i did that, but lost time to a friend running right, what do you think?
To P9 - i made some huges mistakes, lost 2.30min but i think south route is best...
To P12 - its a left choice, i wonder how the lose/gain with lesser claim is on that route.
To P18 - i am pretty sure left around the house is better, i lost time on my right choice her... :)

Keeps maps with comments comming, its fun to look at and read. Thanks!! :)
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Oslo City Cup #2 (14.04.2015) Oslo City Cup #2 (14.04.2015)